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 Site Rules

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Emery Malone
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Minister of Magic

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Fri Sep 29, 2017 9:33 pm

  • You must always keep a respectful tone here at Hogwarts Resistance. Whether it'd be in the topics, posts, or the private messaging system. Topics about real life bullying will also not be tolerated. That being said we will also not tolerate any sort of bullying of other users on the forums. Any reported cases of bullying happening will be thoughtfully looked over and may lead to expulsion from Hogwarts Resistance.

  • God-Moding is not allowed. You must roleplay as your own character and not someone else. You can keep NPC's (Non-Playing Character) as supporting characters during a topic, these characters or creatures have a minor role that can be controlled by everyone in the topic. Examples of these characters include house elf, bartender, etc. NPCs and other roles can't be other users from the page or persons from the books.

  • Alcohol is allowed as a subject, but drugs and self-harm are not allowed.  By U.S. rules, drinking under the age of 21 is an illegal activity and one which should not be promoted.  Any encouragement towards illegal activities is prohibited pursuant to U.S. laws. This includes the posting of any illegal links.

  • One needs to be realistic as a character, both on your user profile, in topics and elsewhere on site. This means that it is not allowed to be an animagus or parseltongue and so on without having the status to be so. The character can have a persona, but it can't be exaggerated If you are asked to change anything by a member of the management team, please do so. Failure to cooperate with the Hogwarts Resistance rules will lead to expulsion from the forums.

  • Hogwarts Resistance has no affiliation to the Harry Potter franchise. Therefore you are not allowed to claim your character as to being related to someone from the book/movies. You are not allowed to act as someone from the books/movies, you are to make your character your own. Anyone found acting as someone from the books/movies or claiming to have a relation to one you will be warned.
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Site Rules
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