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 Topic Marking Guidelines

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Emery Malone
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PostSubject: Topic Marking Guidelines   Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:23 pm

In order to make the forums suitable for all ages we've come up with a special system for you to use. In order to use this system all you need to do is add the number of X's below into the 'Title of the topic' before posting, so for example: "Lazy Day - X". All Hogwarts forums created by an admin or moderate will be considered a one X topic. Make sure to read below to choose the appropriate rating for your topic, if an admin or moderate comes across a topic that does not following the X's marked it will be locked/deleted and you will be asked to make a new one.

The topics are divided into 5 levels.

Suitable for everyone

Contains complicated dialogues and/or duels with minor injuries.

Contains a more fierce language (such as profanities) and/or moderate duels.

Contains physical interactions between two characters or more severe duels/fights/violence.

The topic is completely anarchistic and unsuitable for children.
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Topic Marking Guidelines
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