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 Known Statuses

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Emery Malone
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Minister of Magic

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PostSubject: Known Statuses    Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:33 pm

Once in a while we will offer a status competition where users will have the option to win a status for their character. If you do not have the status then you may not consider your character to use an item stated below or use the abilities below. When given the status you may display the ability under the 'Jobs/Hobbies' section in your character profile, as well as use the status in forum topics. **Statuses will be added periodically**

With this status, a family tree can be made showing one or more relatives as Veelas. This especially gives the girls the opportunity to include some of the characteristics of a Veela into their personalities.

As a seer, you will possess the Inner Eye, enabling you to See what others can't. This can be events from the past, presence or future.

Being an animagus means you can transform into an animal. This is an advanced and complicated transformation skill only possessed by a few. This status will give one the ability to work on one's character and build exciting new topics.

The ability to change appearance without the use of magic is rare and inherent. It isn't something anyone can be taught. An ability that aside from being entertaining also can be quite useful.

If you master parseltongue, you will be able to speak with snakes and perhaps make them do things. It is a unique ability often linked with Slytherin, since many parselmouths have been in Slytherin.

There aren't many alchemists in the magical world, as this magical ability doesn’t have much to do with waving a wand. A skilled alchemist can create gold, the Elixir of life and experiment with the many opportunities of alchemy.

Owner of:
Invisibility cloak

Able to Use:
Cuts the victim's chest and can lead to bleeding to death.
Avada Kedavra
One of the three Unforgivable Curses that kills the victim
One of the three Unforgivable Curses that inflicts excruciating pain on the victim.
Deflagrus Beluosus
Produces fiendfyre, a special form of dark magic that takes up everything.
One of the three Unforgivable Curses that gives the spell-maker absolute control over the victim's actions
Recordatio Perperam
Plants false memories in the victim's mind.
Forces access into the victim's thoughts
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Known Statuses
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