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 Forum and Gaming Rules

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Emery Malone
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PostSubject: Forum and Gaming Rules   Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:06 pm

  • Topics must be written in a third person past narrative.

  • Names are prohibited in titles.

Starting posts in topics must be minimum of three full lines long.

  • Official Classes or Shopkeeper topics must be stated with the name and must be a one X topic. For example:
    "The Leaky Cauldron Official - X" to ensure users of all ages can enjoy these forums.

  • You are allowed to make an unofficial forum for a certain shop in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade but because this is not official, you may not portray your character as the shopkeeper or you may not allow for your character to act as the shopkeeper. With Classes you may have an unofficial forum of going into the class in the Hogwarts tab, but please only use the Classes tab for roleplaying as if you were teaching or attending that class. LISTEN TO THE PROFESSOR

  • Private topics are prohibited. Everyone has the right to participate in the public topics that are created.
    If one wishes to have a private conversation, this must be done in messages.

  • Sex, kiss and the like are allowed in topics. Everyone needs to set their own boundaries by paying attention to the number of Xs given the various topics. (read more in the guide)

  • Rape is in NO WAY allowed.
    Bullying is not allowed!

  • Eating Disorders are not allowed - you cannot mention having one or having one in the past. This may upset other users IRL who may have or may be suffering from an eating disorder IRL. Please respect each other's feelings when doing topics.

  • Mental Health Issues such as Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality Disorder or any other triggering Mental Health Issues the Management sees as wrong for a site are not allowed. We are safe zone away from some of the things people may experience in their everyday life


  • Godmode, powerplay, and metagaming are prohibited. Read more about this further down.

  • Electronic devices do not work at Hogwarts due to the magical atmosphere.
    You can speak about electronics, but be aware that these do not function at Hogwarts.

  • OOG-messages (out of game) must be used to inform or ask regarding things that are relevant for the topic. For instance, if you need to leave, if you haven't understood something the others have written or the like. Chitchat must happen by messages.
    Please use OOG sparingly as stated above

  • God-Moding is not allowed. You must roleplay as your own character and not someone else. You can keep NPC's (Non-Playing Character) as supporting characters during a topic, these characters or creatures have a minor role that can be controlled by everyone in the topic. Examples of these characters include house elf, bartender, etc. NPCs and other roles can't be other users from the page or persons from the books

  • Godmode:
    The explanation for Godmode lies in the name. Your character is not god! Therefore, you can't decide another characters actions. For instance, "Melanie saw how Alouque was knocked back by her charm". Melanie does not rule whether her charm hits Alouque, as she doesn't control her character. If Alouque previously had written in the post: "The charm hit and Alouque was knocked back", then Melanie can write this, since Alouque has already told that she is hit and knocked back.

  • Metagaming:
    Metagaming means that one is using offgame knowledge in the topics, meaning knowledge obtained as a private person and not as a character. This is not allowed. It can also be knowledge obtained by reading someone else's topics/profile. Your character must not know of this until it actually manifests in a topic! For instance, Melanie's boggart is a pixie gnome. No one knows this, since she never told this to anyone in the topics and therefore the characters can not know this.

  • Powerplay:
    Powerplay is when a character casts a spell that he/she hasn't mastered yet. Powerplay also refers to when a character never becomes injured and does unrealistic jumps/evasions like Superman would and so on. Powers should get weaker and weaker as the duel goes on, therefore, this must be reflected in the charms as the duel goes on. Actually, powerplay simply means that you aren't realistic about your character in the game, and you make it look much better than it would be realistically within the playing society.
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Forum and Gaming Rules
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